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Frozen Vegetables

Agrilinks Company specializes in frozen vegetables wholesale, these frozen vegetables are made from fresh vegetables frozen and the quality is guaranteed. And the raw materials are purchased from famous local vegetable farmers, which are green, natural and pollution-free vegetable sources. Frozen vegetables have a high nutritional value because we do not add preservatives during the packaging process. Throw these frozen products in your freezer and they will last for a long time, being economical and exceptionally fresh, allowing you to eat fresh vegetables even in the winter. You can use them to make delicious fresh vegetable soups, beautiful vegetable pies, and more.

What is frozen vegetable?

Frozen vegetable is a kind of frozen food, which is small packaged and made by processing fresh vegetables such as potatoes peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, beans, and cucumbers at the lowest possible temperature as fast as possible. Also known as IQF(Individual Quick Freezing) technology, this processing method makes the water in the vegetables quickly form into regular and fine ice crystals, which are evenly distributed in the cells, meanwhile the vegetable tissue will not be destroyed. Quick-frozen vegetables are very convenient to eat. There is no need to wash, cut, and thaw them indoors. Because most of the frozen vegetables are steamed, and some may also be seasoned with salt, so you can use rapid fire to cook instantly, its taste, color and vitamin content are almost the same as fresh vegetables.

Applications: Wholesale frozen vegetables are suitable for hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, homes, and long trips to prepare delicious meals for people.

The advantage of frozen food is that it can help you save time and energy. To enjoy delicious food easily and conveniently, choose to buy our frozen vegetables and frozen fruits.

Beautiful broccoli, corn kernels, potatoes... This is just the tip of our frozen vegetable wholesale iceberg. We can provide you with any frozen vegetables and fruits you want? We carry the highest quality frozen mixed vegetables and can offer you great prices. Please feel free to contact us for a free quotation!

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