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Frozen Mushrooms
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Frozen Mushrooms

Can mushrooms be frozen to eat later? Definitely yes! The freezing process locks in the delicate features of the freshly harvested mushroom with almost no loss in color, flavor, texture or nutritional value. Fresh frozen mushrooms and truffles from Hebei Agrilinks are strickly selected and carefully trimmed and cleaned, we can even slice and package them according to your requirements. All you have to do is unfreezing it to get the fabulous fresh flavor! 

Moreover, frozen mushrooms and truffles wholesale, various frozen vegetables , frozen fruits, frozen herbs are provided with best quality and price, welcome to contact us for detailed information! 

Why choose Agrilinks' frozen mushrooms and truffles?

1. Harvested quickly at the peak from quality strickly controlled farm base to reduce freezing time.

2. Produced according to HACCP standard and IQF (Individual Quick Freezing)system, the shape, structure and flavor of the mushrooms are preserved to the most.

3. 100% natural, no additives and preservatives contained in the products to preserve its original flavor and nutrition.

4. Kept at a temperature of minus 18℃ or less to maintain its required condition and attain a shelf life of 24 months in unopened packs.

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