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Frozen Herbs

Looking for fresh herbs after they get to flower or shrivel? Best quality frozen herbs from Hebei Agrilinks can definitely add perfect flavor to your cooking food for all the time. Harvested from the stickly quality controlled farming base, the herbs are quickly frozen to maintain fresh in flavor. Moreover, we have carefully removed tough stems, washed and chopped the leaves.All you have to do is enjoying 100% organic herbs fresh taste!

As a professional frozen parsley, ginger, herbs supplier, we also provide frozen fruits and frozen vegetables with best price, welcome to select your favored products!  

Advantages of frozen herbs

1. Available anytime for anywhere: You can get fabulous flavor from frozen herbs in your fridge all year round.

2. Longer storgage: Products kept at a temperature of minus 18℃ can attain a shelf life of 24 months in unopened packs.

3. Money and time save: Frozen herbs are washed and chopped carefully, just unfreeze it then you can add it to your cooking.

4. Fresh taste flavor:  International planting method, organic fertilizer and advanced processing machine all heip to lock the fresh flavor!

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