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Frozen Fruits

Since 2006, Agrilinks has been engaged in exporting IQF fruits. We have many years of experience in exporting and customer satisfaction is the goal we pursue. We also supply frozen vegetables and frozen mushrooms. Our frozen food products are used in many industries: industry, food distributors and wholesalers, retailers, etc. 

Frozen fruits can basically maintain the original natural shape and flavor of the fruit; its color, aroma, taste and vitamins do not change significantly during storage. From processing, preservation, transportation, and sales, quick-frozen fruits must have a refrigeration device (cold chain). The total energy consumption is more than other processing methods, so the product cost is high.

Is the nutrition of frozen fruit the same as fresh fruit?

Before buying fresh fruits, they often go through a long period of picking, storage, and transportation. Some fruits may not enter the market until two weeks or more after being picked. During this time, the fruits are still brightly colored, but But a lot of nutrients will be lost, especially vitamin c. However, if the fruit can be frozen in time, that is, after the fruit is picked, when the fruit is freshest, the nutrients in the fruit can be locked to the maximum.

Especially those fruits that are not easy to store or cannot be stored for too long, like strawberries, mangoes, yellow peaches, lychees, etc. It can be made into frozen fruits. 

We are specialized in supplying frozen fruits wholesale, if you want to buy frozen fruits online with best quality and price, please contact us!

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