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Factors Influence Frozen Red Pepper Cubes' Flavor

Jul. 19, 2021

People can't live without refrigerators. In addition to cooling drinks, people also freeze some ice cream, meat and other foods. For some people, buying and cutting vegetables every day is especially troublesome, so buying some frozen vegetable cubes like red pepper, celery, etc., has become their choice. Convenient to eat a small amount at any time. You should have bought frozen red pepper cubes from different supermarkets. Can you tell the difference in taste?

There are two main factors that affect the taste of frozen red pepper cubes: the choice of ingredients and process, and what you do when you thaw them in the kitchen.

Raw material selection and freezing process

1. Raw material maturity.

The specifications of export quick-frozen vegetables, such as length and thickness, are closely related to maturity, and some vegetables must reach a certain size before they can be frozen and sold.

2. Cleaning and draining.

Cleaning is the dust, foreign bodies and some residual drugs attached to the surface to ensure clean hygiene. Salt water is used in cleaning, and the concentration of salt water is one of the factors affecting the quality of food. Drain so that the food does not freeze together in large areas so that it can be easily packaged.

3. Frozen temperature.

This is the key link in the processing of frozen vegetables. If the temperature is too high, the vegetable cell water infiltration, not fresh quality. If the temperature is not low enough to inhibit microbial growth, it will allow bacteria to multiply.

4. packaging.

Commonly people use PE plastic bags, glass, cardboard boxes, aluminum foil bags, etc., we need to choose non-toxic, good air insulation, good light protection packaging.

     frozen red pepper slices       frozen red pepper cubes

Different ways of defrosting them

1.Natural thawing of the air:

placed too long prone to food safety problems. If not completely soaked in water will also appear in the case of dried meat.

2.Refrigerate to thaw:

put the red pepper cubes in the freezer at night, ready to use the next morning, the loss of nutrition is minimal, need to plan ahead, suitable for daily cooking thaw.

3.Microwave oven heating:

fast, easy to appear soft inside the surface has not been defrosted, affect the taste, the loss of nutrition more.

4.Thaw boiling water: 

and microwave oven heating thaw similar, put the red pepper blocks into the boiling water for more than 10 seconds, remove.

5.Thawing with running water: 

This method is better than soaking in cold water, but it wastes water.frozen 3-mixed pepper slices

Refrigerated defrosting is recommended for daily defrosting, and boiled water should be considered for emergency use. No matter which thawing method needs to pay attention to the sealing of food, otherwise nutrients will be lost more, but also prone to some food safety problems.

Besides red peppers, we also have yellow peppers and green peppers, more colors will make the dishes look beautiful. Besides pepper cubes, we also have pepper slices and pepper cups. You have so many choices.

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