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What Are the Signs of Bad Mushrooms

Nov. 08, 2021

There's nothing like having your kitchen full of delicious sautéed mushrooms. But if you leave it in the fridge too long, the mushrooms may turn stale. Freshly bought mushrooms from the grocery store can spoil within a week, and luckily, you have frozen mushrooms to choose from! It has a longer shelf life and a more wonderful taste. Let's take a look at the signs that your mushrooms are spoiling, and share tips for you to keep them as fresh as possible.

Signs of bad mashrooms

Here are some warning signs that your mushrooms are near or very close to their expected shelf life. 

Very smelly

Fresh raw white or brown mushrooms have a very subtle natural odor that is almost undetectable. But spoiled mushrooms may have a distinctly unpleasant odor. If you open the package or bag and smell an unpleasant odor, these mushrooms will have begun to decompose and expire.


This is always an indication that your fresh fungi have reached the point of no return. A layer of slime means the mushroom is getting ready to decompose. Do not eat them.  

Dark spots

Some mushrooms may develop natural spots, minor bruising or slight discoloration on the cap due to handling during the packaging process. If the spots are dark and visible and other warning signs as described above are present, these mushrooms are no longer fresh. Please throw them away.


No two mushrooms grow into exactly the same shape, but a visibly distorted mushroom may be a sign of dehydration and shriveling in the refrigerator. A cracked cap may also indicate that the mushroom is drying out. For wrinkled or crumpled mushrooms, follow the same advice and eat them immediately, otherwise throw them away.


Wrinkling is not usually a sign of expiration. It means that your mushrooms have started to dry out due to sitting in the refrigerator for too long and you will usually see a reduction in the size of the cap itself! Mushrooms are 95% water, so they show more obvious signs of dehydration than other produce. If they are a little dry, consider eating them immediately or soaking them in a wet dish to rehydrate them.

Frozen Suillus Granulatus

Frozen Suillus Granulatus

Keep them last longer

One of the best ways to know how long your mushrooms will last is to know where to find the shelf life on the package. The average shelf life of mushrooms is 10 days from the date of harvest. But one huge benefit is frozen mushrooms! They are in a cold environment and can retain their moisture for a long time, having a shelf life of a month or more. erican sells a wide variety of frozen mushrooms, as well as frozen vegetables, so feel free to shop around.

The best place for mushrooms is in their original containers, as they are specially designed by experts to keep your food fresh. In contrast, in sealed plastic bags, trapped moisture can cause mushrooms to age quickly.

In addition, rinsing mushrooms directly under a running tap can affect their texture and shelf life. You should only clean mushrooms before serving them, gently brushing off any dirt with your hands or a damp paper towel. Or you can extend the life of the mushrooms by freezing or dehydrating them. Finally, pickled mushrooms can be sealed in jars and stored for up to a year.

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