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Vegetable Freezing Method /Vegetable Pretreatment

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Jan. 11, 2022

Frozen vegetables are fresh vegetables that have been simply processed and then frozen for preservation to extend their serving time. Whether you want to freeze them yourself, or a business wants to freeze extra vegetables, check out this guide. All vegetables should be drained/wiped dry before bagging and freezing. Use very fresh vegetables. We share with you some ways to freeze different categories of vegetables.


Wash and slice or tear mushrooms into strips, blanch in boiling water for 1-2 minutes, let cool, squeeze dry, and store in separate bags for freezing. It is very convenient for stir-frying and cooking soup.

Tender leafy vegetables

Spinach and other leafy greens are washed, scalded in boiling water, quickly removed and cooled in cool water, squeezed dry, and then frozen in plastic bags. Celery cut, broccoli cut small, zucchini slices / pieces, blanch the cut vegetables with boiling water and quickly pulled out and put in cool water to cool down, dry the water in separate freezer storage.

Frozen basil

Mixed fruits and vegetables

Wash and drain tomatoes, wrap in plastic wrap or plastic bags and freeze for storage. Frozen tomatoes are served in the same way as fresh tomatoes, peeled and cut up for stir-fry.

Corn can be frozen individually or cut into segments, and eaten without thawing and cooked directly.

High moisture content

Onion green pepper washed and dried, cut into thin shreds or small pieces, put in a plastic bag spread flat, press out the air inside the bag and sealed, can be stored for a month.

Eat without thawing directly, but thawed onions and peppers are softer and more suitable for stews, soups or pizza toppings.

Frozen White Asparagus cuts


Wash the beans with boiling water to half cooked, fish out and quickly put in cool water to cool down, dry and freeze storage (beans can be cut into sections in storage) when eating beans without too much thawing, direct cooking and frying can be.


Wash and dry small onion / cilantro / ginger, cut into chopped onion / cilantro / ginger slices and put in a plastic bag, put in the freezer for 2 hours to take out and stir to prevent sticking. Use as you like, cooking soup seasoning with very convenient.

Frozen Garlic Cloves

Is it nutritious?

Vegetables are sharply frozen at the peak of ripeness, when the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables is just the highest, which can lock the most nutrients and antioxidants, retaining the freshness and nutrients of the vegetables and not affecting their flavor.

Vegetables in the water quickly crystallized into regular and small ice crystals, evenly scattered in the cells, vegetable tissue will not be destroyed, and bacteria, mold can not develop.

Quick-frozen vegetables are very easy to eat, get indoors without washing, cutting, and slightly thawed. Because most of the products of frozen vegetables are steamed, some may also add salt and other seasoning categories, so cooked with a rapid fire, instantly cooked, its taste, color and vitamin content, etc., and fresh vegetables are comparable.

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