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How Long Can Mushrooms Last before They Go Bad?

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Mar. 03, 2022

There's nothing like the smell of a kitchen full of savory sautéed mushrooms. We've covered before the nutrients contained in mushrooms that are good for you, but if you buy fresh mushrooms and then put them in the freezer, it won't be long before they're dried out and jagged.

The average shelf life of mushrooms is 10 days from the date of harvest. You must realize that mushrooms must travel from the farm to the distribution center and then to the grocery store. With this in mind, the average time from when the mushroom package hits the shelf to when it needs to be eaten is 7 days. It's time to buy frozen mushrooms! They are kept at -20 degrees Fahrenheit to retain maximum moisture and nutrients, so you can enjoy them slowly without having to eat them three times a day just to keep them within their shelf life.

Let's take a look at the signs that your mushrooms are going bad and the best tips for keeping them as fresh as possible.

Frozen Champignon Slices

Expired mushrooms

Mushrooms aren't shy about telling you when they've reached their shelf life! Here are some warning signs that your mushrooms have reached or are about to reach their expected shelf life. 

1. Sticky. 

This is always an indication that your fresh fungi have reached the point of no return. A slimy film means the mushroom is getting ready to decompose. If the mushroom is completely covered in slime, it's past its prime! Don't eat it.  

2. Dark spots. 

Spots are not necessarily a sign of a bad mushroom unless it is paired with mucus or the spots are very dark. If these spots are dark and visible and have other warning signs on them, then these mushrooms are no longer fresh. If the spots look like decay, throw them away.

3. Smelly.

Fresh raw white or brown mushrooms have a very subtle, natural odor that is almost undetectable. Spoiled mushrooms may have a distinctly unpleasant odor. If you open the package or bag and smell an unpleasant odor, these mushrooms will begin to decompose and expire.

4. Deformed or cracked.

No two mushrooms will grow to exactly the same shape, but if they are visibly deformed, it may be a sign of drying out due to dehydration in the refrigerator. Follow the same advice for wrinkled or crumpled mushrooms; eat them immediately or throw them away.

Frozen Chantherellus

How to make mushrooms fresher

Paper bags

The best place to keep your mushrooms is in their original containers, because they are specially designed by experts to keep your food fresh. But after opening the package, you can move the mushrooms to the paper bag. This will allow them to slowly release the moisture they naturally retain, whereas in a sealed plastic bag, the trapped moisture will cause the mushrooms to rapidly deteriorate.


Know when and how to wash mushrooms. Many people think that after opening a bag of mushrooms, the next step is to wash them like any other produce before serving. However, rinsing directly under the tap can affect the texture and shelf life of mushrooms. Instead, clean mushrooms only before serving, gently brushing off any dirt with your hands or a damp paper towel.


Freeze, pickle or dehydrate mushrooms for later use! While fresh mushrooms are usually best consumed within 10 days of harvest, you can extend the life of your mushrooms by freezing or dehydrating them. From there, they can be added to soups, sauces or other popular dishes. Dehydrated mushrooms can even be ground into a powder and added to smoothies, etc.

Frozen Shiitake quarter cuts

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