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6 Ways to Enjoy Frozen Herbs

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Nov. 15, 2022

Freezing extends the shelf life of herbs, like parsley, chive and basil. Frozen herbs provide the same nutrients and almost the same flavor as fresh herbs.

If you want to enjoy plenty of herbs during the cold winter months, consider using frozen herbs in your cooking. Here are 6 ways to serve frozen herbs.


frozen basil

frozen basil


1. Serve hot


Just like you usually sprinkle fresh parsley or spring onion on your favorite hot dish, you can sprinkle frozen herbs on top.


2. Salad


When you make a salad, you will need to thaw the herbs ahead of time. You can use plain thawed herbs or you can make bottled balsamic vinegar for salad greens. In addition to vegetable salads, you can also use frozen herbs to dress egg, potato, and tuna salads.


frozen chive

frozen chive


3. Roast meat


You can rub frozen herbs on perfectly cooked pork chops or roasted chicken before cooking - they are just as delicious as fresh herbs.


4. Desserts


You can use frozen herbs to upgrade the taste of desserts! But you will need to thaw the herbs in advance.


5. Butter


When you use frozen herbs, you can upgrade your normal butter toast experience by making herb butter. However, in order to remove the excess moisture from the butter, you will need to thaw them.

frozen parsley

frozen parsley

6. Sauces


If you're experimenting with frozen herbs in your kitchen, sauces are a great place to start. You can mask flavors or textures you don't like by adding frozen herbs. Just keep stirring as you cook.


Are you looking for frozen herbs for your kitchen? If so, then you've come to the right place. You can always browse our website for information and contact us with questions at any time.


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