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6 Advantages of Frozen Fruits and Vegetables

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Oct. 26, 2022

Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables can help prevent disease, however fresh produce may not always be available, so frozen fruits and frozen vegetables are a convenient option. This article aims to cover six benefits of frozen fruits and frozen vegetables, read on for more information.


frozen vegetables

frozen vegetables


1. Nutritional value


Frozen fruits and vegetables have almost the same nutritional value as fresh, in some cases are actually healthier than fresh produce. This is because in most cases frozen foods are picked as they ripen and then frozen almost immediately, so there is no time for key nutrients to be lost during the harvesting, packing, or shelving processes. In addition, vegetables are often blanched before freezing to prevent browning, a process that also locks in phytonutrients, including carotenoids and flavonoids.


2. Fresh and healthy


Freezing is a healthy way to extend the life of fresh produce, better than canning or drying it. Because fruits and vegetables do not require any preservatives or added ingredients when frozen, it retains many of the attributes associated with freshness.


3. Variety


Today's frozen produce offers a greater variety of fruits and vegetables than ever before. So whether it's seasonal or more regional fruits and vegetables, you can buy frozen produce to enjoy.


frozen vegetables

frozen strawberries


4. Convenience and speed


Frozen fruits and vegetables are renowned for their convenience. Frozen produce is pre-cleaned and pre-chopped, so there is no need to wash, peel or chop frozen produce, making it easier to prepare. In addition, clear cooking or preparation instructions on the packaging will show you how to cook or prepare frozen produce, and it cooks quickly, making it a healthy and convenient option.


5. More nutrition


Freezing fresh produce in season is a valuable way to get nutrients such as vitamin C during the winter months. Studies have shown that people who include frozen produce in their diet tend to eat more fruits and vegetables overall.


6. Cost-effectiveness


Frozen products are usually cheaper than fresh ones, especially in the off-season. In the long run, it will save you money. Plus, because you can allocate the exact amount you need when serving frozen produce and save the rest for later, there is minimal waste. And you have more time to eat without having to worry about things going bad. All of this makes frozen products more cost-effective. By preparing only what you plan to consume, you can eat more fruits and vegetables.


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